Cherry and the Gents

Cherry and the Gents

Before I was a showgirl lugging sequins and feathers in a very large suitcase around the globe I went to Art College. I studied graphic design and went on to do a BA at Falmouth College of Arts and when I graduated whilst pursuing jobs in this graphic field my hobby of clowning about on stage encrusted in glitter went “wrong” and became a job.

I had been prancing about for a few years when I bumped into an old college friend of mine in Brighton. I was delighted and intrigued to discover that he had formed a band. We had always shared love of similar indie and dance music in our college days and so I attended his next gig curious to hear what he was up to.

I had never heard him so much as hum a tune and could not believe it when the softly spoken friend was able to conjure up a deep powerful and resonant timbre that was reminiscent of Jim Morrison.

I have lots of friends in bands but to hear a whole set and not only be able to say that it was great and you loved it but MEAN it was a bonus. Gentleman Starkey was now my new favourite band. Also in the line up was an old school friend consolidating my affection for them.

In 2008 we were both individually booked for the Beachdown festival. Joel and I secretly devised a plan for me to come out on one of their driven rockabilly tracks Louis Vuitton.

It went down a storm and so began my collaboration with the band.

I recently took part in their animated photography video
in the style of Eadweard Muybridge
for the foot stomping track Bones

All the art direction was done by the band themselves with photography from the talented Justin Wood