Whirling dervish in the real world!

I’ve been very, very quiet on here but this is merely because I’ve been off doing what I do best. Shakin’ it! all over the beautiful globe.

I’m going to attempt to get back on here and keep you up to date with my adventures.

I also have some exciting things about to happen this year so watch this space!

Happy new year from Black Elvis and I at Viage Casino Brussels








Can you keep a secret?

On an overcast sunday a last year two skeletons and a couple vampires wandered into Abney park cemetery and proceeded to make an audio visual treat to advertise the upcoming return of Secret Disco and their spookily themed “Nightmare before christmas” party.

I got to play the part of a demented and damned creature of the night along with Agent Lynch.

Who knew all the living dead were really looking for was a good party!

Here’s the finished gothic treat! Click here.


Cherry is now Vogue approved

Very excited to find out that one of the beautiful serene shots taken earlier this year by Jemima Marriott has been shortlisted by Vogue Italia and is now in a voting competition for the honour of being published in the prestigious fashion magazine.

Please take a second and vote for my photo on the Vogue website here

VOTE HERE Just two little clicks. x

Cherry and the Gents

Cherry and the Gents

Before I was a showgirl lugging sequins and feathers in a very large suitcase around the globe I went to Art College. I studied graphic design and went on to do a BA at Falmouth College of Arts and when I graduatedhttp://cherryshakewell.com whilst pursuing jobs in this graphic fieldhttp://cherryshakewell.com my hobby of clowning about on stage encrusted in glitter went “wrong” and became a job.

I had been prancing about for a few years when I bumped into an old college friend of mine in Brighton. I was delighted and intrigued to discover that he had formed a band. We had always shared love of similar indie and dance music in our college days and so I attended his next gig curious to hear what he was up to.

I had never heard him so much as hum a tune and could not believe it when the softly spoken friend was able to conjure up a deep powerful and resonant timbre that was reminiscent of Jim Morrison.

I have lots of friends in bands but to hear a whole set and not only be able to say that it was great and you loved it but MEAN it was a bonus. Gentleman Starkey was now my new favourite band. Also in the line up was an old school friend consolidating my affection for them.

In 2008 we were both individually booked for the Beachdown festival. Joel and I secretly devised a plan for me to come out on one of their driven rockabilly tracks Louis Vuitton.

It went down a storm and so began my collaboration with the band.

I recently took part in their animated photography video
in the style of Eadweard Muybridge
for the foot stomping track Bones

All the art direction was done by the band themselves with photography from the talented Justin Wood

Dr. Sketchy’s London with founder Molly Crabapple

Tickets are selling fast for Dr. Sketchy on Wed 21st Sept at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and its no wonder seeing as our Dr. Sketchy’s founder  Molly Crabapple
will be starring in the show!
Quickhttp://cherryshakewell.com don’t miss out and grab those last tickets!

Wednesday 21st September
Molly Crabapple Special

Presenting…. A Sketchy Indulgence!

Featuring: Chocolathttp://cherryshakewell.com CherryShakewell
& Luscious Luke
Hosted by Ophelia Bitz

With Special guest appearance from
Dr. Sketchy’s founder Molly Crabapple

Royal Vauxhall Tavern
372 Kennington Lane
SE11 5HY

8pm – 11pm (doors 7pm)

£10 advance £15 on the door


Pussy Galore – A night in Double O heaven

In 2007 I was sat after hours in a hotel room with the incorrigiblehttp:// inimitable Abigail Collins hula and acro superstar. We had just done a fabulous show for The Tassel Club in Dublin and I had performed my Goldfinger routine and were chatting about my love of all things James Bond particularly the 60’s era. I spoke of my desire to be able to produce a whole variety night based around the strong imageryhttp://cherryshakewell.com powerful music and classic theme tunes.
Abigail is simply a can do kind of girl and told me in no uncertain terms to go for it.
We came up with the name of “Pussy Galore” and I vowed to make it happen.
I’d like to say I flew back to the u.k and that very day despite my hangover I set to work on securing a venue and contacting performers but this is not the case. The idea sat dormant until a chilly january in 2010 where I met up for a coffee catch up with the red headed vixen Siren Stiletto.
She explained that she had been offered a date at the intimate chic supperclub Volupte but didn’t have enough time to realise the show she wanted to do. I having booked Siren for an exclusive private James Bond show at private members club Shoreditch House doing her “Diamonds are a girls best friend” act immediately said to her that I indeed had an idea for a show which we could easily pull together.
The rest is indeed history and since april 2010 some of the cream of cabaret have been tailoring existing acts or creating special acts just for the theme.
The show runs twice monthly at our beloved jewel box of a home Volupte and has been taken out on tour to places such as Brighton and Jersey.
The show is available for booking for corporate parties and can be tailored to suit the event with a selection of different performers.
Past performers include Abigail Collinshttp://cherryshakewell.com Aj Jameshttp://cherryshakewell.com Bmore Mcvowtyhttp://cherryshakewell.com Coco Devillehttp://
Craig Reidhttp://cherryshakewell.com Dinah Mighthttp://cherryshakewell.com Dolly Rockethttp://cherryshakewell.com Grace Barry Taithttp://cherryshakewell.com Hilde Canoodthttp://cherryshakewell.com Kiki LoveChildhttp://cherryshakewell.com Lady Ane Angelhttp://cherryshakewell.com Marianne Cheesecakehttp://cherryshakewell.com Mat Ricardohttp://cherryshakewell.com Matt Hennemhttp://cherryshakewell.com Missy Malonehttp:// Paul Robertshttp:// Paul Zenonhttp://cherryshakewell.com Siren Stilettohttp://cherryshakewell.com Spencer Maybehttp://cherryshakewell.com Tom Moneshttp://cherryshakewell.com The Tom Showhttp://cherryshakewell.com Vicky Butterflyhttp://cherryshakewell.com and Will Davis
Photos below all taken at Volupte by www.clickclickboom.eu

Cherry Shakewell comes to Belgium

Cherry is delighted to be appearing in a burlesque extravaganza in Brussels this October.

The event is in association with the White Night (Nuit Blanche)
celebrations happening throughout the town of Brussels making use of the extra hour gained by the changing of the clocks. The venue for this prestigious party is the Viage Casino in the centre of town.

The show will encompass teasinghttp://cherryshakewell.com dancing and crooners on the menu of this unique event in Europe’s capital.
An unforgettable night taking you on a journey through the eras in the spirit of the 30’s through to the 60’s.

More details on facebook


Cherry will also be leading a workshop on the sunday in Brussels too for any budding showgirls in Belgium.

More info here








Sherlock Holmes 2

In a snow laden November last year I had the pleasure of working alongside Robert Downey Jnrhttp://cherryshakewell.com Jude Law and beloved Stephen Fry in Guy Ritchie’s follow up to the hugely successful Sherlock Holmes blockbuster.

The filming took place in the beautiful and historical Wilton’s Music hallhttp://cherryshakewell.com the world’s oldesthttp://cherryshakewell.com surviving Grand Music Hall which for a showgirl was a great honour and delight. Imagine if that stage could speak the fantastical tales it could regale.

See me in the trailer below at approx 25 secs. Film out on Boxing day.